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Socialize, Exercise, Expend Energy. . .

The West Chester Pet Resort & Spa daycare program offers a great outlet to socialize, exercise, and expend excess energy using enrichment focused activities. We have dedicated indoor/outdoor playrooms for different sizedfront-desk-1024x683 guests.

Safety is our primary concern thus all play is supervised lots of play and guests must be evaluated before joining the fun. Our guests are grouped according to weight and size, and activities are designed and directed with friends of equal status. Puppy groups are an excellent way to begin the socialization of your pet friend to the entire atmosphere of the day care and lodging experiences.

Daycare Evaluation

A one-on-one consultation with a lead daycare technician and at least 5-6 hours of playtime is needed to accurately evaluate your dog. Please plan for 30 minutes for your dog’s evaluation appointment to fill out our guest packet and speak with our daycare technician. Space fills up quickly, so please contact us for availability and to schedule an evaluation.

Single Visit Pricing

  • 1 Day Visit: $20 with packages as low as $16
  • 1/2 Day Visit: $14
  • Family Member discounted rates available.
  • Packages available at discounted rates.

Additional rates apply.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.
**Holiday prices may apply.

We have been taking our Sophie to West Chester Pet Resort for 7 years…They have always been kind and loving, She has always loved going there. She comes home all clean and happy…never a readjustment period…. She could not travel with us because she was 14 years old, so when we had an extended trip over Christmas, we boarded her with WCPR….While there, she had a medical issue which they handled beautifully. We were unreachable by phone, but kept in touch with e-mail. Her medical issue reached crisis which could never be reverted, and she needed to be put down. Their hearts broke along with mine…Tracie had her at the vet and held her lovingly while she was put to sleep. The compassion of the staff at West Chester Pet Resort is beyond belief. I am eternally grateful for the loving care she has had over the years, and at the end of her sweet life. If you need a loving home for your pet while you are away, you will find great care here!

Patti H.

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